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Bohus Stickning
Swedish couture knitting from 1939 to 1969

NEW!      Visit Solveig Gustafsson's website. There are many new photographs of re-created Bohus garments, some of them modeled by Kerstin Olsson, a designer for Bohus Stickning from 1959 to 1969.  


Background on Bohus

As some you know, the Bohus Stickning organization came into existence in Sweden in the 1930's during a time of financial hardhip for many people. A group of women from Bohuslän, married to unemployed quarry workers sought out the Governor's wife in Gothenburg to find a means of helping support their struggling families. And so this organization was born out of need and for 30 years it created wondrous and beautiful hand knitted garments while helping the women who knitted them support their families financially.

Because of this historical background wherein great artistry and humanitarian aid efforts merged into stunning hand knitted garments, it seemed especially appropriate that I should donate a few Bohus yarn kits in support of The Yarn Harlot's fundraising efforts. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is raising money for Doctors Without Borders and I hope you will all consider supporting this great project by making a donation to DWB. Stephanie set the bar high but as you may know, it took knitters from around the world a mere 73 hours to double the money!

I am not sure what the next goal will be but I am convinced that we can reach it. As Stephanie said, knitters are uniquely qualified to understand the concept of cumulative effect - whether it is one stitch at a time or one dollar at a time. Together we are Tricoteuses Sans Frontières!

Poems of Color BookThe most comprehensive source of information about Bohus Stickning in English is Wendy Keele's wonderful book Poems of Color, now back in print from Interweave Press.


Upcoming Bohus Stickning workshops

For up to date information, check my teaching calendar to find out where I am teaching my next Bohus workshop.